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redrockmicro - Studio Bundle with lowBase

Artikelnummer: 8-125-0009-200900
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Solid Studio Support

The Studio Bundle for the RED Digital Cinema Scarlet and Epic is the perfect set of cinema accessories for studio and tripod work using these powerful digital cinema cameras. The Studio Bundle delivers solid support with the microSupport lowBase Baseplate and Redrock 15mm iris rods, along with Redrock's most popular accessories:

The microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle delivers light and flare control in a full-size cinema style mattebox, complete with flag, sidewings, and swing-away arm. The award-winning microFollowFocus enables precise and repeatable focus for your lenses.

Please note: Camera, lens, and third party accessories pictured are not included.

*For RED Scarlet and Epic, the lowBase support plate results in a slightly higher rail-to-center-of-lens measurement. Most follow focuses can adapt to this height, and the microMatteBox requires the mattebox vertical adjustment riser accessory. Other third- party products may or may not adapt for use with the lowBase.

This bundle includes:


  • lowBase Tall Camera Baseplate

  • 9" 15mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair

  • 6" 15mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair

  • microMatteBox - Deluxe

  • microMatteBox Vertical Height Extender

  • microPod Assembly

  • microFollowFocus | black

Der microFollowFocus black ist auf dem Bild nicht zu sehen, gehört aber zum Lieferumfang.

 This bundle is perfect for the RED Scarlet and Epic digital cinema cameras. If you like the features of this bundle but have a different camera, consider one of our other Studio Bundles for Sony F3, Sony FS100/FS700, or the Panasonic AF100, or a DSLR Studio Bundle for DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D MKII.

Looking for a handheld solution instead? Consider the Field Cinema Bundle for RED Scarlet/Epic.