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redrockmicro - ultraEvent handheld rig für Canon EOS C300

Artikelnummer: 8-101-0105-200900
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Das ultra Event ist ein kompaktes handgeführtes Rig und liefert zwei Handgriffe, einen Tragegriff und eine Bruststütze.

(in closets, cars, or other small spaces), or where keeping a low profile is important (such as shooting in public places). 
If your needs call for extended shooting days, or you'd prefer the comfort and added support of a shouldermount system,
consider the ultra eyeSpy or ultra Field Cinema Bundle. The eyeSpy offsets the C300 for use with the built-in viewfinder.
The Field Cinema Bundle keeps the C300 camera body on your shoulder for use with an external monitor or separate EVF.

ultra Event Handheld Rig for Canon EOS C300
The ultra Event Bundle for Canon EOS C300 is a fantastic compact handheld rig, ideal for  cramped shooting situations, or when keeping a low profile is important.
The ultra Event combines the best of Redrock's award winning cinema accessories with the new ultraCage | blue for C300 to make rig that is nimble, comfortable, and discreet. 

Features and Benefits

Compact design- Adds very little to the C300 size and form factor and still delivers maximum stability.
Includes the ultraCage | blue - all the advanced features in a form-fitting cage for your C300
Monitoring via the built-in camera viewfinder- the ultra Event positions the C300 camera so the built-in viewfinder is easily viewable and is used as the primary monitor.
chest pad support-four-points of support for maximum stability without size
Configure and extend to your exact shooting style - every aspect of the rig can be adjusted to your body size, position, and shooting requirements. built-in support for top and bottom rails makes adding a traditional or wireless follow focus quick and easy.
Convert to other rigs quickly and easily - reconfigure the system quickly and easily without tools for tripod, handheld or anything else you can imagine (some configurations may require additional accessories)
powered cage option - attach the optional powerPack directly to the ultraCage for a complete power solution for all your camera-top devices.

The ultra Event C300 handheld bundle includes: 

ultraCage|Blue for Canon c300
ultraCage | blue Top Handle Assembly
Micromount standalone- no microSpud
microBrace body pad
12" 15mm carbon fiber rod - 1 rod
9" 15mm carbon fiber rod - 1 rod
microHandGrip (2)
6" 15mm carbon fiber rod - 1 pair (top rods)