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redrockmicro - FieldRunner AC Rig

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Centralized Control

The FieldRunner AC Rig transfers all the vital controls of your camera remotely to your fingertips. It combines your Reference Monitor, microRemote Wireless Controller, and Wireless Video Receiver into one easy handheld system. The FieldRunner AC Rig allows focus to be accurately controlled regardless of where the camera may be.

The FieldRunner AC Rig is the ideal foundation for any remote focus setup, and it allows users to secure their accessories together without using Velcro or other adhesives that can damage their equipment.

Ideal for use with Steadicam and gimbal based stabilizers like the MoVi, the FieldRunner AC Rig allows for focus to be pulled from a calm and controlled environment no matter where the camera is.

The FieldRunner AC Rig also features an additional 1/4”-20 thread underneath the monitor for easy mounting to a stand, and the microRemote Handheld Controller can then be quickly removed for a “pop-up” video village.

Lightweight ConfigurationThe FieldRunner AC Rig is a lightweight solution designed to be used for hours at a time on set. By using the lightest materials possible, the FieldRunner AC Rig Kit adds less than a pound to your monitor and wireless controller.

Your existing Redrock Micro Lanyard can also be incorporated into the FieldRunner AC Rig for additional support and easy carrying.

Modular Design

The modular design of the FieldRunner AC Rig makes it comfortable for all types operators. It can easily transition from a handheld configuration to a stand for extended shooting as well. With a 360˚ rotating handgrip, the ideal placement and balance is just a thumbscrew away. The Monitor and Wireless Controllers are attached with microSpuds, allowing for ideal placement and viewing angle no matter the setup.

Built off standard 15mm rails, the FieldRunner AC Rig is designed to be configured and built upon as your needs grow.

Key features of the FieldRunner AC Rig include:

Support for microRemote and Reference Monitor
  • Standard 1/4"-20 threads for supporting a wide range of monitors
  • Integrated female 1/4"-20 thread underneath the monitor for mounting to a stand
  • Adjustable handgrip for ideal comfort
  • Modular Expandability of 15mm rail system
  • Lift and Lock Thumbscrews for adjustments in tight spaces.

The FieldRunner AC Rig Includes:

  • microHandGrip
  • 8” Grip Rod
  • microMount with Spud
  • microSpud

Please note: The FieldRunner AC Rig does not include the microRemote System, Reference Monitor, or Wireless Video Receiver.